“If a woman tries to stand on her own, she will feel pressure from all quarters, and if she aspires to accomplish something, she will be criticised from all sides.”

As a Korean from Suwon, it was incredibly important to represent my culture, my hometown, and my land. So, as we researched our first Volume, we wanted to tell the story of a cultural pioneer who championed a better Korea for all. Instantly, we were drawn into the life of Na Hye Seok.

A born artist and activist, Na Hye Seok was a proud feminist who inspired change in Korea with her pen. She challenged convention, an intellectual who rejected the idea of a stereotypical woman, unheard of during that time. Although she passed away in 1948, her story of social change resonated throughout the 50s and inspired a better post-war Korea.

As we designed, we wanted to bring the characteristics of Hye Seok to life through our objet. An objet that carried the innate sense of femininity but felt bold in its design to radiate the activist expression. One that brought Korean sensibility, minimalism and architecture to life. 

We went back and forth multiple times to get this right, referring to her life and Korean architecture during the time. Finally, we felt we had a design which we believed would tell her story and do justice to a true Korean icon whose story deserves to be told.

The craft of the handbag was vital to blend South Korean architecture whilst personifying Hye Seok’s impactful life. We introduced strong and sharp geometric lines to bring a empowered sensibility. This was balanced with simple geometric shapes to create a practical elegance to the bag that brings about a timeless impact, just like Hye Seok.



Black Calfskin Leather

Handmade in Florence, Italy