Sustainability & Ethics


Sustainability is an inherent part of our experience. In a world of over-consumption, waste and a climate emergency, we understand that we need to work better, harder, and together to build a world that will thrive. We are therefore committed to make better decisions to improve the impact we leave on the world. 

This isn't a fast process. It is a journey that requires change, adaption and innovation. Something we are only beginning. We are constantly learning and we hope one day, we can be a leader in sustainable luxury, whilst creating objets that radiate elegance, sophistication and timeless practicality. 



We check all of our suppliers and manufacturers against a 10-point Code of Ethics to ensure we are working with only those who share the same values and ethics as we hold. This includes responsible working conditions and treating employees with respect, dignity and professionalism. 

Our commitment to people exists beyond the suppliers we work with. We want to champion change, representing minority groups so they can have careers, voices and opportunities in an industry where minority voices are silenced. To learn more about our commitment for cultural change, click here



We know that the sustainability journey of our products starts from source. We have a responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of the materials used to craft our objets.

Our first Volume is composed of finest leather, which we selected based on quality, longevity, and durability. We design for timeless pieces and reject the idea of short-termism to reduce over consumption.

Whilst we are not exclusively a vegan brand, we ensure leather used is measured against the highest standards of animal welfare and protection. All pieces are crafted in Italy from sustainable leather which are sourced from tanneries rated Gold, Silver by the Leather Working group. Our leather is EU REACH compliant and is a by-product from the meat industries that are 100% traceable to source.



Our suppliers also need to demonstrate a desire and active change in making their factories and materials more sustainable. This includes reducing consumption of water during the manufacturing process, utilising sustainable raw materials, considered use of resources, absence of any harmful chemicals and ensure that excess materials used are easy to recycle. 

We use leather from tanneries only rated Gold and Silver by the Leather Working Group. 



All of our packaging is made from 100% recycled or FSC certified paper. We try to minimise the use of packaging wherever possible to conserve the use of water. We have eliminated the use of single use plastic across packaging. 



This is only the start of our sustainable mission. As we grow, we want to do more to protect people and the planet. We will continue to work with suppliers to innovate through sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. We will also integrate new tracking mechanisms so we can measure our impact and work with organisations to help offset any emissions we create.