“The things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains.” 

A real-life icon and an activist who inspired change with glamour in hand. Our second objet in Volume 1 is inspired by the icon Josephine Baker. A civil rights activist, black movie star and cabaret singer, the glamorous Josephine Baker captivated audiences across the world. Josephine’s magnificent accomplishments of being a spy during WWII only solidify her status as a timeless icon. It was little surprise she was awarded the Légion d’Honneur by France in recognition of her work. 

But what inspired us is how her activist beliefs manifested in a time of post-war change. An international star with an activist heart. Although beloved in Paris, Josephine devoted her life to fighting segregation and racism experienced as a black person in the United States, the place she knew as home. As an entertainer during this time, Josephine was keen to demonstrate the power of black women, which can be seen through her incredible outfits on stage. A true pioneer of her time whose story radiates beyond age and who has left a lasting legacy of aspiring to do good. 

Image credit: Photograph by Lucien Walery (1863-1935); Photo © Leonard de Selva / Bridgeman Images

Her story is emphatic, bold and courageous. A pioneer whose bold elegance deserves to be celebrated. For a brand that wants to see cultural change, it became only fitting that we honour her legacy. 

Her impactful life inspired us in so many ways and we wanted to echo this through the design of the bag. We fused unconventional shapes with powerful lines to create a glamourous bag that demands attention. An elegant top handle calls back to 1950s nostalgia yet creates a practicality that is fit for every occasion. This is balanced with adaptability, given through a detachable shoulder strap, enabling use across day to night, whatever the location, wherever the wearer is.

We selected tan calfskin to create a timeless impact. Youthful and emotive, it strikes desire and effortlessly works across occasions and outfits.

Image Credit: Paris, France: Studio GL Manuel Freres, ca. 1930.



Tan Calfskin Leather

Handmade in Florence, Italy