Daso Sounds: Playlist #1 - Summer 22

The sounds of Summer 22 is unique for Objets Daso. Not only is it our first playlist, but the sounds capture the emotion of a time of joy, freedom and celebration.

Summer 22 is to be played for those mornings when the summer sun radiates your face in bed. When you’re basking in the shade of a tree, as the warm afternoon air brushes against your face. When you long for the night to never end as the evening twilight radiates the evening sky.

Curated by our founders, our Summer 22 is designed to be your companion across the warm months - whether its through your earphones as you walk down the street or blasting it out along with your friends. We hope with each listen you feel enamoured by a summer of bliss.

We hope you enjoy listening to our playlist as much as we had fun curating it. Follow our page to stay up to date with our latest playlists.