Community Commitment


We are a luxury brand that breaks the mould.

Founded by two ethnic minorities; a South Korean and British Asian, we understand the struggles of representation and inclusion within fashion, which we aspire to challenge. Through our objets and stories, we look to shine a light on the marginalised, allowing a global community of design enthusiasts to connect, collaborate and find opportunities where others fail to provide. 

We are only at the beginning.

As we continue to grow, you will see us make true to our commitment. From our hiring policy, to the suppliers we work with to even the voices who represent the brand. 

We want you to celebrate the beauty of everyday simplicity. As a part of our community, we will continue to find ways to bring you along on our journey. 



We have created a community home on Playground where our Daso Community can connect, collaborate and be inspired by a world of global culture and design. It's a space to foster more intimate and honest dialogue, as well as build deeper connections within the community and with the brand itself. We'll be sharing our latest news, stories and sounds first on Playground. 

Click here to become a member of our community on Playground to be the first to know the latest news and stories from Objets Daso.