Our Process


We put care into each objet we craft, working with the best manufacturers who sculpt objets that have an enduring quality and are built to last. Each objet is a timeless heirloom, to be loved, cherished and used time and time again. A hallmark of daily experiences, an expression of our values.

Italian manufacturers are undeniably responsible for some of the most professional and refined leather craftsmanship, which is why we chose our manufacturer in Florence, Italy to craft our first objets. We create and release a limited number of pieces in Volumes which allow us to produce only what we require, thus, minimising our environmental impact. 

We will regularly release behind the scene stories, interviews and details of each new Volume, giving our beloved community a sneak peak into our process.

Craft is never done alone. That's why we aim to collaboratively work with our community to co-create new Volumes in the future. 

As we grow, we will broaden the artisans and factories we collaborate with as we aim to be a brand that champions global craft and excellence.